Gods Monkey

Gods Monkey starts working on third album

6 Months after the release of “Slow Hunch” we decided to focus on the recording of a new album. While recording “Sow Hunch” new ideas already developed, and the main feeling was that we did not want to wait too long with working out these new tunes.  On the last couple of shows in the Netherlands and Germany we already tried out some of the new stuff, and this only confirmed our main feeling the time is here and now to bring all these ideas to life.  We will continue writing on new material until the end of September, and in October we will start recording the first demo’s. Actual recording for the third album will start in the beginning of 2015.

In the meanwhile, enjoy these vids below taken from our first and second album. And if you want to stay updated on any news about Gods Monkey, please subscribe to our facebook page here.

Rock ‘n roll!